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Need a gas safe plumber recommended...

...might not be someone with the same diet as me, then.

I need recommendations for a plumber who would do a good job installing a combi boiler for me...

All help much appreciated!

Published by randomandtwisted at 8:35am on Thu 15th March 2012. Viewed 4,441 times.

I get M&M heating in Impington to do my gas safety check each year, but they're being incredibly slack on giving me a receipt for a job done in Jan, so am a bit peeved about that.

My suggestion for getting this kind of work done is to subscribe to Which? for a pound, choose a boiler that fits your requirements (undoubtedly a Worcester). Buy it yourself then pay for the installation separately. If you get a tradesperson to do it for you they'll charge you god knows how much more for the boiler.

You could also try for getting quotes.

Published by Boudicea Bambaataa at 11:23am on Thu 15th March 2012.

Oh and Noodles, no, I haven't found a sparky yet. I did have one guy quote £190 for installation through but only one. I think the brother of this guy, M&M heating, is a sparky though so I will contact him and let you know.

Published by Boudicea Bambaataa at 11:41am on Thu 15th March 2012.

That's a good tip about Which. I've been on there and seen that the Worcesters come out on top. Most worried about finding someone to install it. May give that co a ring.... Cheers!

Published by randomandtwisted at 2:09pm on Thu 15th March 2012.

Have a search for a bloke called Paul Parker... lovely bloke, reliable, honest etc... highly recommended.

Published by Old Rocker at 2:30pm on Thu 15th March 2012.

Yeah. Seconded. He looked at something for us and knows his stuff inside out. Interestingly, in spite of the Which report, he was saying that the top of the Worcester range are good, but the others are not so much, with too many plastic parts and bits that go wrong and are not fun to fix (which I suspect the Which report would not have gone into). But he did say the top ones (the 550 and one of the others) are good, I think.

Also looking at/into using who are Cambridge based and, y'know, greeny or whatever.

Published by Noodles Aaronson at 3:40pm on Thu 15th March 2012.

Paul Parker is a good bloke and has good musical taste (lives near me) but have never used him professionally. Roysia Gas and Oil (Frank and Chris) do our boiler stuff - also very nice people.

Published by Kuryakin at 7:40pm on Thu 15th March 2012.

In a professional capacity I have also, in the past, used Eddie Kikas from Milton (can't remember exact trading name) - obviously I was motivated by his name, but he did what was asked of him.

Published by Kuryakin at 7:48pm on Thu 15th March 2012.

Great stuff!

Hmm. The boiler I was looking at was the Worcester Greenstar 27Cdi boiler. It would be a PITA ending up buying a boiler that no plumber would ever come and service...

Will give Paul Parker and/or Roysia a ring in the morning...


Published by randomandtwisted at 8:56pm on Thu 15th March 2012.

That would be Paul Parker of Parker and Hall Gas Heating of Neville Rd?

Published by randomandtwisted at 9:10am on Fri 16th March 2012.

That's the man.

Published by Old Rocker at 10:00am on Fri 16th March 2012.

Not Peter Parker then ;-]

Published by daggg at 12:38pm on Fri 16th March 2012.

BB's suggestion of is tops! I had six replies. We had someone come round to look today and another plumber coming round next Monday.

Before I posted here I had one plumber come and look but never send us quote. Not sure why he bothered to come round and then not give a quote. It probably wasn't that the job was so bad it frightened him off because he'd done work on our old boiler in the past and talked to us about what getting our boiler replaced would entail back then. At one time he was a good, reliable plumber but suddenly became very unreliable (on too many occasions). We thought we'd give him another chance - thinking that may be he was over what ever was making him unreliable. Sadly it seems he isn't.

So things are looking better. Fingers crossed!

Published by randomandtwisted at 7:53pm on Wed 21st March 2012.

Right. Stop right there. DO NOT go near a bloke called Paul Sawyer, a plumber from Ely! A friend had a very bad experience with him a while ago. He's a a bully and got aggressive and rude. I've just had a look and he's on Avoid at all cost.

Published by Boudicea Bambaataa at 8:20pm on Wed 21st March 2012.

Thanks for the warning! Luckily, Mr Sawyer isn't booked for a visit.

It's almost alarming how much faster things got moving after putting the job up on the web site!

Published by randomandtwisted at 9:06pm on Wed 21st March 2012.

Good. On further investigation it's not possible to edit your comments, which makes me question the validity of those on the site. Might be best to do some additional research when you have a shortlist.

Published by Boudicea Bambaataa at 9:15pm on Wed 21st March 2012.

Bumping this thread for tallthinkev, but there's not a feather in sight!

Published by nuttyprof at 4:13am on Tue 24th April 2012.

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