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Trumpington Village Hall

Trumpingtonvillage hall

Address: 75 High Street, Trumpington, Cambridge CB2 9HZ
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Order for each meeting will be as follows
Short Introduction
Talk on the tarot card for that month beginning in March with the fool
Sound and colour meditation
Discussion/ Q&A session
Tea and coffee
What is the Tarot
THE TAROT is a textbook of occult teachings. It is intended for the use of serious aspirants
who are in search of spiritual enlightenment, and who are willing to devote a reasonable amount of time and thought to the discovery of the deeper meaning of life. To all such it will prove worthy of the most diligent study and careful investigation.
The TAROT is not a plaything, nor is it only a pack of cards designed for purposes of fortune telling,
Although this use of it has been utilized to preserve it for serious aspirants through the vicissitudes of time and change.
Two main purposes are served by the TAROT. First, it preserves and transmits an Esoteric Teaching.
Secondly, it evokes specific mystical, intellectual and emotional responses from the Inner Consciousness of the student who has been taught how to look at it.

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