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Smartphone videos: make them more professional

Smartphone filming

Thursday 13th June 2019

Venue: Cambridge TV Training
Category: Talks & Classes
One Liner: Improve your videos!
Price Info: £350
Time Info: 9.30am-1.30pm

We show you how to improve the quality and content of your smartphone videos - whether they are for business use on a corporate website or for leisure on social media.

The session is split into three elements:

1. Preproduction
What makes a good story
The benefits of editorial over advertising in reaching your audience
Who/what to film and how to get the best out of your subject
The importance of b-roll and how to make your content better

2. Production techniques
Camera skills and techniques with smartphones
Looking at the different apps available
Where to film – lighting is vital, as is shot composition
How to direct others to obtain the results you need
Practical with tutor support

3. Post-production & equipment
How to improve your editing
How to realise an idea effectively
Sound and captions
Tips for editing for social media and longer form business content
Examples of the different affordable equipment to attach to your phone for better sound, visuals and lighting.
Advice on moving forward with your own projects or ideas.

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