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more of an avalanche


Thursday 5th April 2018

Venue: Wysing Arts Centre
Category: Art & Exhibitions
One Liner: Group exhibition
Price Info: Free
Time Info: 12-5pm daily

11 February to 15 April
Open every day, 12–5pm
Launch event: 10 February, 6–8pm with a performance by Liv Wynter

more of an avalanche presents work produced, researched, shared or discussed at Wysing in 2017 when we developed our programme under the theme
Polyphonic (many voices). The exhibition considers what it takes for people in marginalised positions to speak out and the mechanisms that get used to stop them from doing so. Looking back at 2017, the exhibition aims to includes the ephemeral "work" produced at Wysing alongside traditional material forms. Photos, posters,
mixes, furniture and a collection of writing reference the informal discussions, DJ sets, meals, workshops, experiments and events that shaped the year.

The exhibition takes the term "snowflake" as a starting point, a term used pejoratively by the political right to code dissent as whining, vulnerability as over-sensitivity and the right to protest as a willingness to take offence. Across Wysing's gallery and a screening room, works take sensitivity and fragility as a starting point and look for strength in numbers and strength in networks. Intended as an insult, the metaphor of a "snowflake" provides its own key for survival and defence. Bound together and in great enough numbers, snowflakes become something hard, strong and with their own energy.

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