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Cambridge Anti-War Movement

This page is seriously out of date. We still hate wars, but have not updated any of this for a while. If you know what's happening in Cambridge as far as anti-war action goes. Please do get in touch.

So our government wages wars of aggression in both Afghanistan and Iraq. As a Cambridge resident who wishes to help bring an end to the blood-shed carried out in our name, what options have you got?

A big ruck of troopsAfter two years of having a little icon that encouraged the We're All Neighbours audience to 'get firefox', we decided that trying to stop wars was probably a better use of the real estate, hence this page.

The idea is to publish information on groups and activities in Cambridge that help build a stronger anti-war movement and hopefully work towards real change. Just get in touch if you have any ideas of information for this page.

Talk to your friends

In fact, talk to everyone. Talk to your neighbours, lovers and enemies. Let everyone know your against these wars. Wear a peace badge, put a poster in your window, write 'NO MORE BOMBS' on your forehead. Find people like you.

You must follow ordersAny strong anti-war movement needs to be built from the grass-roots; neighbourhoods organising, pupils from different schools and colleges working together, workers building strong contacts with others in their industry for effective mass strikes.

All of these things come from communicating and organising to take strong effective action.

You could also try communicating with the papers, your local representatives and so on...

Support Cambridge Stop the War Coalition

Global dominationCambridge Stop the War Coalition is looking to build a stronger anti-war movement in Cambridge. If you want to get involved email: or contact: Jannie Brightman T: 07813678287

Take Direct Action

The Cambridge Action Network was formed to help facilitate people who are interested in taking direct action. Contacting CAN and dropping into one of their meetings is a good way of finding like minded people, discuss ideas for actions and get support.

A lot of the CAN regulars have connections to many of the other active groups in Cambridge, so it can often be a good 'first port of call'. They have an announcement email list which is used to alert people of events and actions in Cambridge.

Help end the Arms-Trade

It's hard work, fightingCambridge Campaign Against the Arms Trade formed on the back of evidence that both Cambridge Universities and Cambridge County Council invset in arms companies.

Using the Freedom of Information Act, it was discovered that many universities have millions of pounds invested in companies such as Rolls Royce, GKN and BAE Systems. Companies that produce the jets, bombs, weapons and systems used in the illegal occupation of Iraq.

At the same time information about the County Council investments was released. Some of the County Councils billion pound pension investment is in those same companies.

Email the Cambridge Campaign Against the Arms Trade to find out details of their next meeting.

'Change of Use' for Marshalls?

Marshalls employs a lot of people and the work on lots of diferent things, one of those things is work on miltary planes. If anyone's got information on the extent of the miltary work at Marshalls, please do drop us a line. If you work there you're in a pretty powerful position to be able to down tools as protest against working on our own weapons of mass destruction.

Peace Vigils

Three dead ducksPeace vigils 1st saturday of every month at Midday for one hour - all welcome and join us for coffee before the vigil too! Contact: Beverley on beverleycarpenter [at]aol[dot]com or 07950656799.

Campeace are active and have been a presence in Cambridge for some time.

Cambridgeshire Area CND can be contacted at 37 Blackwood Road, Eaton Socon, St Neots PE19 8TH. Tel: 01480 350977.

National Campaigns

Help us keep this page up date

We're all about communication here at We're All Neighbours, so if you've got anything to add to this page, SHOUT! Once it's taken shape a little more, I'll probably run off some printed sheets to get about town.